Crewel Fabric World

Crewel Fabric World is built to be the destination for all products that are made by the exquisite art of Crewel Embroidery. Here is a partial list of home furnishings that are made using crewel embroidery: Crewel Fabrics, Crewel Pillow Covers, Crewel Chain Stitched Rugs, Crewel Throws, Crewel Runners, Crewel Duvet Covers and many other items made with Crewel Wool Embroidery on Cotton, Silk, Velvet, Duck, Organza and Net fabrics made in Kashmir India currently sold in USA, Europe and Middle East. 

Crewel Fabric World is a division of MDS. MDS currently manufactures Fabrics ( ) , Rugs ( ) and Furniture ( MDS was concerned about the unfair trade practices by traders and exporters who preyed on the economic vulnerabilities of the craftsman. These merchants would lend them money at high interest rates for the purchase of the raw materials and would buy back the goods at very low margins leaving the craftsman with little or no profits. In some cases where there were rejections or order cancellations craftsman usually suffered as the exporters simply disappeared or tried to buy at a very low rate (if they loaned the money) leaving craftsman in a very vulnerable position. This is not sustainable over long term. Hence the art form has lost its luster from it’s hey days. People who believed in fair practices could not compete against the unscrupulous exporters at the price points and hence focused on domestic trade. Several conscientious exporters were slowly divesting out of the handmade textiles business.

MDS saw the plight of the workers who could not be re-trained in new skills in a short time frame and decided to do something about it. After analyzing every part of the supply chain, we noticed that if we can successfully manage all aspects of the supply chain Manufacturer-Exporter-Importer-Wholesaler, we can compete with exporters, provide sustainable wages, provide great quality consistently and serve customers better. Hence we launched an export company “Moumi Designer Solutions Pvt LTD” in 2006 in India and Moumi Designer Solutions Inc in 2007 in USA. As part of our global expansion strategy, we added Moumi Designer Solutions Limited, our U.K. based company to serve the European market.

MDS started the rug division MDS Rugs ( ) in 2007 in addition to the MDS Fabrics to understand and improve the working conditions of rug makers from India.

MDS started the furniture division MDS Furniture ( in 2008 in addition to the MDS Fabrics, MDS Rugs to understand and improve the working conditions of furniture craftsmen from India.

MDS has been blessed with great buyers who understand and appreciate the beauty of our hand embroidered crewels on Organic Cotton, Natural Jute, Duck, Silk Organza, Velvets and Natural Linen fabrics. MDS extends its support to the hand-made textile industry in myriads of ways by supporting the community of craftsman. MDS provides educational assistance to the children of the craftsman, conducts training sessions in the craft and helps market the craft through e-commerce activities to ensure that this beautiful art form continues to exist.

Please visit for a complete understanding of our sustainable practices and our community outreach programs.

Our Charter:

The MDS Charter sets forth principles that guide the decisions we make, the solutions we develop and services we provide everyday at MDS.

The MDS Charter is a statement of our core values that we, mission, purpose, strategy and. Our strategy (what we must do) is how we will realize our mission (what we seek to achieve) which in turn reflects our purpose (why we're in business) which is unalterably based on our values (our enduring beliefs).

The MDS Charter sets forth principles that guide the decisions we make and the solutions we develop every day at MDS. It clarifies our priorities, and positions us to seize new opportunities. It brings our actions into alignment, so that together we can satisfy the needs of our constituencies - customers, people, stakeholders, and communities. Our job is to get closer to the vision it represents with each decision we make and each product or service we deliver. The Charter invites all of us to bring our best to MDS.

Our Values: Our enduring beliefs 

We believe in Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

We believe that integrity and excellence is the core of all we do.

We believe that attention to our customers’ changing needs is central to the success of MDS.

We believe that people do their best when they feel pride in their contributions, when they are treated with dignity, and when their talents are encouraged to flourish in an environment that embraces diversity.

We believe that innovation fortifies our organization through the discovery of new opportunities to serve our people and our customers.

Our Purpose:Why we’re in business

We Enrich Living.

Our Vision: What we strive for

We Enrich Living, bring together like minded people in pursuit of freedom and happiness

Our vision for the future is to Enrich Living, bringing together like minded people in pursuit of freedom and happiness. Our goal is to develop business solutions that create value and competitive advantages for all our customers, partners and Vendors through product differentiation, market penetration, better customer service and improved cash flow.

Our Mission: What we seek to achieve 

We fulfill our promise to our constituents throughout the world in the following ways:

We serve each customer, partner and vendor as if they are the only one we have.

We serve the Home Furnishing needs of our customers worldwide, offering excellence and value in all we do.

We sustain a financially strong company, with broad employee ownership, that provides a long-term competitive return to our stake holders.

We strive to be a responsible and well-regarded employer by providing our people with an impartial, rewarding, freedom and opportunities to realize personal vision as well as the shared vision with the opportunity to pursue individual happiness.

We build on our legacy as a caring and responsible corporate citizen through the conduct of our people and company in the communities we serve.

We donate 1% of our annual profits to adoption homes and other charities that care for the children.

Our Strategy:The MDS plan of action-Sustain the Core. Create the future using: One Value System, One Purpose, One Vision, One Brand

We will continue to expand our products, distribution and supply chains to Enrich Living.

We will expand our position as a trusted partner between our Customers and Vendors worldwide.

We will harness the appropriate technology to create new services and to strengthen our operations and networks.

We will attract and develop the most talented people whose initiative, good judgment, and loyalty will help realize our company’s mission.

We will continually study customers’ behavior, anticipate their needs, and design our products and services to exceed their expectations.

We will create a practice of innovation that leads to sustainable growth.

We maintain an environment that enables us to treat every customer as if they are our only one.

We will leverage the MDS brand to maximize brand loyalty among all constituencies.

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